1. Is it safe to travel? Check with:

2. Passports and Visas? Check with:

3. Are vaccinations required?

4. Luggage (Travel lite, well under 50 pounds.)  (Valuables, medication and travel treats in Carry-on) (Mark your bags so they are easy to identify). Bring nothing that looks like a weapon!

5. Personal Medication: (Bring more than you think you need), (Bring over the counter medicine, head- aches, stomach aches, muscle aches, and colds).

6. Clothing (On the plane wear something loose and comfortable) (Going thought security, eliminate anything metal like belt buckles). (Don’t bring everything you own. Three to four outfits for two weeks). (Two pair of comfortable walking shoes). (Check the weather at your destination and bring appropriate clothing and gear, like a light plastic rain coat).

7. Travel Snacks! Depending on your destination and while on the plane and bus, bring a bag of your favorite goodies for variety and nutrition, like nuts, power bars, crackers and sweets. 

8. Monitory Exchange. (There is a fee to exchange currency, if it is done before you leave home or once you arrive at your destination). We have found it is easier to exchange currency at your destination airport than trying to find a bank or ATM). (Check on line for the type of currency and the exchange rate in the countries you will be visiting). (Down load a Travel APP to help with exchange rate and language differences. I use Google Assistant). 

9. Hotel TV / Internet. (Not all, but most countries don’t have what we call, “high speed internet”). (The Hotel TV programing is not geared to Americans or English). (Bring your own, already down loaded movies or a good book for in-room entertainment).

10. Protecting Valuables! (Keep valuables in the in-room hotel safe or on your person in a travel pouch). Don’t leave you luggage open when you are gone or valuables laying around your room). (Before checking out of your room, make sure you have everything, especially your money and valuables from the safe).

11. Airport Security and Customs. (Avoid wearing metal such as buckles on belts and shoes). (Nothing that looks like a weapon). (Have your airline ticket and passport available).

12. Credit Card Clearance. (Contact your credit card company and advise them you will be traveling outside the country, were too and for how long). (Adjust card security apps for international travel).

13. Cell Phone usage: (Verify with you vender what services you will have while traveling, text only, text with voice). (Place your phones on “Airplane Node”).

14. Electrical Power Converters: (Bring a combination set of adapters with a “Power Strip Converter”). (Also small extension cord for such things as a CPAP Machine).

15. Mystery Foods: (Remember to bring medications to deal with upset stomachs, acid indigestion and intestinal issues, just in case).

16. Water: (Buy bottled water before getting on the plane to have it while traveling). (Some airports require you buy it at the “Duty Free Store” and they will hand it to you as you enter the plane).

17. Tourist Traps: (Make a list of the kind of things you want to purchase before going and for whom. You will forget if you don’t). (Set a dollar amount). (Remember you will need to bring it home!).

18. Traveling with a Group: (Don’t be the problem person that is always late to the bus). (Have local currency and change for rest/bathroom stops, tips for your guide and bus driver and water on the bus).

19. Planning Your Own Travel: (Get a GPS device to find your way around and a good App with language translation to help at restaurants and other places).

20. Using a Travel Agency: (It is not necessary to use a travel agency from your home town. Check on line for the best packages and deals).

21. Bathroom Facilities: (It is always a good idea to bring several of the travel packets of soft wipes. You never know if there will be TP or hand towels).

22. Airplane Seating Assignments: (Especially if you are with a group, the extra money it will cost to upgrade your seating assignment, is well worth the two additional inches of knee room and easy access to the bathrooms). (You can normally do this on the airline WEB site with your flight information).

23. Enduring Travel: (If you are planning your own trip, break up the long legs of travel by spending an extra night somewhere along the way to rest up). Drink a lot of water and take a little walk on the plane every hour or so to help from getting leg cramps). (Bring medications to help you sleep).